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The school follows the CBSE curriculum in all the classes. The NCF 2005 is the basis on which the curriculum is planned. Understanding through observation and experience are at the heart of the learning process and ensuring that learning is shifted away from rote methods. Outdoor experiential learning is the school ethos, rather than development through textbooks only. Examinations are more flexible and integrated into classroom life. A critical part of the pedagogy is equality and social justice.


These are integrated into classroom learning processes. In addition, there are Formative Assessments as well as Summative Assessments conducted in the school. In pre – school classes, students are primarily assessed through observation records.

School Event Calendar 2018 -19

Date Day Activities Class
12.06.2018 Tuesday School Reopens Half Day
22.06.2018 Friday Felicitation of Std X
23.06.2018 Saturday Best out of Waste Housewise Competition I - X
28.06.2018 Thursday Showcase of Rainy Season Nur - V
29.06.2018 Friday Housewise GK Quiz Competition Quiz VII - X
Date Day Activities Class
02.07.2018 Monday Marathi Recitation Nur-V
13.07.2018 Friday House Wise Song Competition I-IX
16.07.2018 Monday Extempore Week VI-X
19.07.2018 Thursday Showcase Nur - V
23.07.2018 Monday PA-I Starts
Date Day Activities Class
02.08.2018 Thursday House Wise GK Competition IV - VI
08.08.2018 Wednesday Grand Parents Day
11.08.2018 Saturday Open Day Nur-X
14.08.2018 Tuesday Art Competition Nur-X
15.08.2018 Wednesday Independence Day
20.08.2018 Monday Extempore Week VI-X
25.08.2018 Saturday Rakhi Making Competition I-V
27.08.2018 Monday Hindi Recetation Week Nur - V
31.08.2018 Friday Showcase Fruits And Flowers Nur - V
Date Day Activities Class
07.09.2018 Friday HouseWise Dance Competition I-IX
18.09.2018 Tuesday Showcase Our Helpers And Space Nur- V
24.09.2018 Monday Half Year Starts
Date Day Activities Class
17.10.2018 Wednesday Savoury Sale
22.10.2018 Monday Hindi Extempore Week VI-X
26.10.2018 Friday Showcase Festival Nur-V
30.10.2018 Tuesday Housewise GK Quiz Competition I-III
Date Day Activities Class
16.11.2018 Friday Open Day Nur-X
21.11.2018 Wednesday Housewise SST Quiz II-V
22.11.2018 Thursday Housewise Geography Quiz VI-X
23.11.2018 Friday Showcase Save Trees Nur-V
26.11.2018 Tuesday English Recitataion Work Nur - V
Date Day Activities Class
03.12.2018 Monday PA-II Starts VI-X
18.12.2018 Tuesday Annual Day
23.12.2018 Sunday Christmas Holiday Starts
Date Day Activities Class
02.01.2019 Wednesday School Re- opens
03.01.2019 Monday Open Day X
07.01.2019 Monday Prelims-1 Starts X
14.01.2019 Monday Kite Making Activity Pre-Primary
17.01.2019 Thursday Housewise story telling Competition I - III
23.01.2019 Wednesday Showcase Weather and Clothes Nur- V
25.01.2019 Friday Sports Day
26.01.2019 Saturday Housewise quiz on Struggle for Independence VII - X
31.01.2019 Thursday Open Day Nur-X
Date Day Activities Class
15.2.2019 Friday Housewise English Dramatic competiton I - X
Date Day Activities Class
04.03.2019 Monday Annual Exam Starts V - IX
14.03.2019 Thursday Annual Exam Ends V - IX
Date Day Activities Class
01.04.2019 Monday Reports V - IX
02.04.2019 Tuesday Annual Exam Starts Nur - IV
03.04.2019 Thursday AE New Session Begins VI - X
30.04.2019 Tuesday Results - Open Day

Holiday List 2018 - 2019

Date Day Occasion
15.06.2018 Friday Ramzan - id
22.08.2018 Wednesday Bakari Eid
13.09.2018 Thursday Ganesh Chaturthi
20.09.2018 Thursday Moharram
02.10.2018 Tuesday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
19.10.2018 Tuesday Dusshera
04.11.2018 Sunday Diwali Holiday Starts
23.12.2018 Sunday Christmas Holiday Starts
19.02.2019 Tuesday Shiv Jayanti
21.03.2019 Thursday Holi
06.04.2019 Saturday Gudi Padawa
19.04.2019 Friday Good Friday

Session ends for all on 30 April 2019

School re-opens on Tuesday 11 June 2019


The school has a well – equipped library, with more than 5000 books. Each month additional books and magazines are introduced for students to read. Students are encouraged to use the library for project research, rather than the internet.

House System

The school encourages the development of healthy competitiveness between students, for which the students are divided into four houses. Each of these is named after eminent personalities from different spheres of life, who are role models for the students to emulate.

The Houses are:

Dhyanchand - Green

Ramanujan - Yellow

Sarabhai - Blue

Tagore - Red

Students compete both academically as well as through co-curricular activities and Houses are awarded trophies for their excellent performance.